Coloring mesh with particle color
Is it possible to colorize a mesh by transferring data from colored particles of the same object?

My problem is that I can export super high res OBJ's from XDX (Xenodream 2), but it doesn't export color. I can however export a colored pointcloud. Perhaps the new attribute transfer option can do this?
You can use the Mapping operator to sample surface texmap colors and apply them to particle mapping channels. Then just apply the same texmap to both and they will match.
I am very keen on this but i'm not quite sure i'm following all the steps. I'm getting hung up on the mapping operator part. In my setup i have particles using a mapping operator that is using a custom float to drive a gradient ramp. I would like to transfer that color to a frost mesh built around the particles.

Would you be able to post a really simple setup scene for me to study?


EDIT: I managed to get a result on the frost mesh but it is incorrect. The colors are completely wrong and the frost mesh doesnt seem to have its own mapping coords. I added a uvw map modifier and i see color after that, but its still all wrong. Have you managed to get frost to properly inherit colors from the vertex colors of the particles?

Edit 2: Here is a sample scene i put together. There are 2 sets of particles, red and blue. Each has their color assigned via vert colors, the new property transfer node is blending the colors. I added a frost mesher object and picked the tyflow particles to be meshed, that works/renders fine. The problem is as soon as i add my vertex color map to frost and try to render i get an error saying its missing uvw mapping. You will need frost installed to look at this of course. Any ideas?

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I can't speak for Frost, but the tyMesher blobmesh mode should inherit your mapping coordinates properly if you turn on inherit UVWs.
I just tested with the blob mesh and it works. I was hoping frost would behave the same way. Is this something you are able to look at or is this something that would be on thinkbox's side?
You'd have to ask thinkbox about it. I'm not sure what channels they inherit UVWs from.
It appears frost is now correctly interpreting the UVW channels since you added support for saving the W channel in the prt export! Big Grin

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