Minor improvement to the flow calculation display

This is just a random idea that could be useful. Would we be able to make the flow % calculator that's at the bottom of the screen display a bit more granular detail? I'm aware of the data displays in the max listener but it doesn't really give you an idea of how long each operator is taking. Right now it displays something like this...

updating tyflow01, [frame: 52] [82%]

Can we update it so it also displays each operator in the flow and the completion % of that operator? Perhaps something like this?...

updating tyflow01, [frame: 52] [event02, fluid force: 72%] [total: 38%]

As the flow is being calculated the "fluid force" and event would be changing to the active operator the flow is currently calculating. This would give us a bit more information on how long certain flows might be taking to calculate.

Some food for thought. Smile
Just use the tyProfiler included in the latest build, available in the editor utilities menu.
Oh i had no idea this existed, its got tons of info! Thanks! Big Grin

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