copy/pasteing vertex color operator causes an error

Just like the title says, if you copy/paste the vertex color operator from one event into another you will get an error that says...

tyflow001: Error copying pblock value (type 2)

This error can result in scene file data loss! Please contact the developer.

Though you would like to know. Smile
Thanks for letting me know! Technically I think that error can be ignored without actually causing real issues...the side effect is that when you copy the operator, it won't copy the current color. Will be fixed in the next build.
Actually i noticed if i saved my scene after i got this error then reopened it i would get the error when i open the scene again and the settings in both vertex operators was reset. If i delete the operators and resave the error goes away. Not a big deal to input the vertex settings again, just something i noticed. Smile

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