How to prevent freezing, maybe with reduced core number?
Is there a way to let tyFlow only work with lets say 31 instead 32 cores?

It would be good to have it, being able to stop some calculations.

Sometimes with a wrongly high value it freezes nearly 3dsMax for 20min and does not react even on escape or shift-escape.
You can control max core count in the main tyFlow settings, but that won't have any effect on whether holding ESC will be effective. All cores query the keyboard at the same interval.

What operation are you doing that results in such long computation times?
ok thanks.
it was exactly the action from the last screenshot here in that question

I had increased the number of points and tries, just to see how that affects the result.
after 30 minutes I had then to exit 3dsMax.
The Voronoi Fracture operator queries the keyboard in several different places during execution and it shouldn't really be possible to completely freeze it like you're reporting, in such a way that it won't register keyboard input.

One thing to keep in mind: you have to hold ESC or Shift+ESC down until they are recognized. In heavy operations just pressing and then releasing those keys won't necessarily pause or cancel the sim.

If you find that even holding down Shift+ESC won't break out of the heavy operation, please send the scene file to so I can take a look.

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