Mesh has failures from voronoi

I had recently a head, which actually should have a good topology.
(I had in max, maya, zbrush no problems).

I closed the head (because meshes should be watertight) with a edit poly modifier > edit borders > cap

When I put a simple voronoi on it (nothing else) I get strange faces and a hole at the front faces.
What could be the reason? Is there a possibility to prevent or fix this?

- Also I have tried only to delete the inner wrong face with a "DELETE" and a SurfaceTest-Object.
It wasn't possible to delete it, only when I delete much more...
- When I deactivate "Cap Holes", the issue is gone, but the object isn't anymore solid

p.s. I have remeshed it in zBrush, then it works, but unfortunately the UVlayout get lost...

Attached screenshots...

Thanks again
p.s. sorry for posting my collected questions at once Smile

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If you've got a mesh that isn't fracturing properly please send the file to and I'll take a look.'

Alternatively, if your remeshed mesh is working, you can use the tyConform modifier to transfer your UVWs to it.
Thanks, I have sent you the mesh by email!

I had a look at tyconform:
"UVWs: the conform operation will affect input surface UVW coordinates"
It means I will only choose a different mesh (of same shape) and it will use it's texture coordinates?

(I will try of course, but at the moment there isn't any operation which uses UVs and I don't know how to test this right now.
but this would be needed at the end when I am more experienced in that topic)
Yes you would take your original mesh and you remeshed mesh and line them up (assuming they're not already lined up). Then you put a tyConform on the remeshed mesh, uncheck everything except the UVW option and select your original mesh in the list. The remeshed mesh will then grab all of the original mesh's UVWs and assign them by surface proximity.

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