transfering fluid properties with custom properties

I am trying to transfer the smoke density float from a phoenixFD using the custom properties operator but i have come across a few oddities. I cant seem to get it to transfer the value to the mass property. Other properties such as radius does work, but not mass for some reason. Has anyone been able to adjust mass this way?

Also, the radius param does seem to transfer, however a bunch of the particles are having their radius set to nan(ind) and im not sure why. The only reason i can think of is the particle is outside the phoenix grid but that isnt the case as i have a delete node remove any that leave the grid.

Any ideas on what might be causing this? Huh

If you send your setup to I can look into the NaN issue.

I'll look into why mass isn't working as well. Mass assignments in tyFlow work a little differently than other properties for a couple of reasons. Perhaps I forgot to adjust the Custom Properties operator to do the special handling the same way the Mass and PhysX Shape operator do.

Edit: I checked the Custom Properties mass assignments and they work fine. Make sure your Custom Properties mass-assigner operator is below any PhysX Shape operator, since PhysX Shape does its own mass override by default (which can be disabled, but is enabled by default).

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