its possible animating time step?
hi there,
just want ask... its possible animating time step at Main Setting tyflow menu?
let say frame 0-100 using time step 'Frame' then 101 above using time step '1/2 frame' or maybe '1/16 frame'
It's something I've thought about, but not something currently possible. Perhaps at some point in the future.
hi there,
thanks for reply

my current project creating net goal soccer, that will impact n breaked with some speed mesh ball...
for the net goal setup, i am using physx rigid joint. for early frame 0-100, i am using drag/slow force make net goal settle after affect gravity. somekind like initial state net goal.
when ball impact, bcos quite fast ball so i need like increase time step like 1/2 frame or 1/4 frame....
that why i need early frames for make net settle only using default time step ( 1 frame) then when impact using 1/2 frame or 1/4 frame.

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