decimal symbol issue inside spinners
Hey Tyson, I don't know if ithis has been reported before, but typing values inside the spinners can be tricky sometimes...

Sometimes I have to type point as decimal symbol, sometimes commas. The various spinners inside operators can display both too sometimes.

It Seems I can type both and the value will be accepted but as soon as I click somewhere else, the spinner return 0.0 or 0,0. and of course all this appen randomly... though I don't know how to track this bug and give you more info.

I'm running Max2018 on Win7, my decimal symbol is set to point inside my windows region settings and I only have this problem inside the tyflow UI.

That's very bizarre. Never seen or heard of that before. tyFlow has no control over spinner display...decimals or some Windows or 3ds Max setting on your machine seems to be messed up...
for me some bugs with some software was from here 

[Image: gm8KYCI.png]

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