Krakatoa like particle culling

Is it possible to cull particles of a tyCache in the way (or close to it) Krakatoa does it with it's "KrakatoaPRTLoader culling options"?

Thanks in advance Big Grin
No way? Is there nothing similar? No workflow or workaround?

Some post cache tools would be very helpful. I imagine something like a Krakatoa-like culling to manage particle visibility and maybe some operators like in Krakatoas magma modifier to do some math for modifying the paticle system post cache.

Tried tySlice, tyBoolean, tySelect but that all doesn't work on a tyCache, even with all interfaces enabled.
Making a tyMesher from that cache, with particle geometry as mode, to which I could apply modifiers, overflows my ram (64 Gig) really fast.

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