Shared with "" Flters "" in other operators.
  I often use the "Flters" option. It is very easy to use. Sometimes, different operators have the same "test conditions". Changing one and the other also needs to be changed separately, so it is very troublesome to change back and forth. I I wonder if there is an option to make the conditions of "Flters" shareable. Changing one changes the other.

Example: For example, the "Flters" option of the speed operator has a "speed> 20" condition. In the next event, the "Flters" option of another speed operator also has a "speed> 20". If there is an associated option. I I just need to change one of them. I don't need to set a certain value repeatedly.
Instancing filters isn't possible, but maybe adding a "copy filters" and "paste filters" option to the right click menus of operators would be helpful? That way you could make your changes, and then just select all the operators you want to apply them to and do it from the right click menu without having to open the rollouts and do it manually.

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