tyFlow_016077 crash when opening previous version file [FILE]
Just try to open scene done wirh 076 with 077 and 3dsmax crash.
You'll need to provide a lot more info than that.
(03-24-2020, 03:00 PM)tyFlow Wrote: You'll need to provide a lot more info than that.

in fact it is scenes that had been recovered my max after a crash... 
There is something that have been not well recovered .... because files before open ok.
Sorry. I think there is nothing you can do here.  Big Grin

I have another problem so another post.
It is strange :
The scene is a recovery scene after a crash.
I can open the file with tyFlow_016076, but max crash when loading the scene with tyFlow_016077 and tyFlow_016078.
In fact, the culprit is a Tybooleen object.
and there is a change starting at tyflow v0.16077 : * (hopefully) fixed a long-standing bug that would cause tyBoolean and tyCarve to instantly crash on some machines
I'd like to help you, but you haven't provided any useful info. Scene file, minidump, etc.

If you're not sure what to submit, please see here:

Hi, Tyson.
I wanted to isolate the problem. Here is a file ( 3dsmax 2020) with the problematic object.
On my machine max crash with 077 and 078 but can open the file with 076.
Thanks a lot for your hard work, you keep max alive !

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