problem in viewport not display mesh.
I sometimes get this bug.
In the shaded view i can't see the objects properly scattered they appear in the Tyflow Logo.
But if i switch to wireframe the objects appear in place.

It happened before, but I ignored the problem... like might be a random bug, but It happened again.
Not fancy stuff going on I'll share some screenshots.

Ah yes, when i export the Tycache no problem ... i think is just a viewport issue.

working on a
1080Ti (msi)
64gb RAM
max2020 last tyflow build.

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I've never seen that problem before and it technically shouldn't even be possible. Looks like it could be a driver issue and when I send transforms to the GPU the GPU isn't interpreting them properly.

Can you make sure your GPU drivers are up to date?

If you manage to cause the problem in a reproducible fashion in a particular scene, could you please upload that as well.
Thankyou might be a GPU problem then, the drivers were updated... I tried to re-reproduce it but didn't succeed so far so. I'll just keep an eye on it. maybe my GPU was just tired that day.

This happened again, this time in another computer with another user and another scene.
Now I have a file that is broken but due to NDA i cant publish here, if you give me a mail I can send it there.

This time :
Intel i7 7820
MSI 1070ti
64gb ram
windows 10pro updated.
tyflow last build.
max 2020

but the broken file opens wrong in other computers too.
Just in case that any other user suffer from the same here is the solution!

From tyson:
It seems that the "model assist" viewport mode is not compatible with viewport instances. Disabling that mode and switching to regular shaded display returns the polygons to the view. Alternatively, you can add Mesh operators to your flow and disable "render-only" so tyFlow generates meshes in the viewport. Then model assist mode will display the geometry fine too.

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