problem in viewport not display mesh.
I sometimes get this bug.
In the shaded view i can't see the objects properly scattered they appear in the Tyflow Logo.
But if i switch to wireframe the objects appear in place.

It happened before, but I ignored the problem... like might be a random bug, but It happened again.
Not fancy stuff going on I'll share some screenshots.

Ah yes, when i export the Tycache no problem ... i think is just a viewport issue.

working on a
1080Ti (msi)
64gb RAM
max2020 last tyflow build.

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I've never seen that problem before and it technically shouldn't even be possible. Looks like it could be a driver issue and when I send transforms to the GPU the GPU isn't interpreting them properly.

Can you make sure your GPU drivers are up to date?

If you manage to cause the problem in a reproducible fashion in a particular scene, could you please upload that as well.

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