Properties transfer falloff setting vertex colors to 0,0,0

I have a setup where the properties transfer is blending vertex colors (red and blue) but i have come across a strange issue. For some reason when i add a falloff to the radius, instead of adjusting the transfer strength, it just turns all the particles black instead of blending the 2 colors. It also seems to be fading everything to black even when detecting a particle with the same vertex colors.

One picture shows with the falloff and the other one shows it working without.

P.S. This more of a request but can we un-clamp the transfer strength to be set above 1? I would like to use a high strength with a small radius and high falloff to achieve a weighted blending based on distance. Sometimes a setting of 1 isn't fast enough, it would be great if we could go as high as making the settings instantly transfer on contact. Although transfering that fast is prob an edge case, it would still be great to have the option if needed.


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Could you post the file for the issue?

As for the PS request, I'm not really sure what you mean.
You can use this one i posted here in this other this thread regarding prt color.
Just open up the flow and add a bit of falloff to the radius on the properties transfer to see the issue.

As for the request, i just want to be able to speed up the rate at which properties transfer. Right now it appears to blend the values over the course of several frames, even when you have the transfer strength at 1. I would just like a multiplier on the strength value so i can set the strength above one and have the properties transfers to each other at a much faster rate, to the point that the final result is reached instantly on contact. 


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