tyCarve Wishlist
*Ability to rotate the carve planes after creation. Ability to move/scale would also be nice.
Currently you can get a nice cut in single view, but the there is no way to add further refinement to account for other viewing angles.

*Ability to use other displacement maps rather than provided noises.
The provided noises work for ok hard surfaces, but for more organic surfaces I'd like to use a cellular map to drive the carve plane displacement. The provided noises are also very uniform, maps would give us the ability randomize the patterns better.

*Ability to display carve planes as a smooth shaded surface rather than only wireframe.
This would make it easier to visualize your displacement.

*Ability to turn off triangulation of carved mesh.
Can we have this as an option?
1) Carve planes don't have a transform or a gizmo currently. It's not a bad idea to give them one, but currently this wouldn't be possible. Maybe in a future release.

2) Probably a good idea to eventually implement, yes.

3) This is not possible due to limitations in max's displace pipeline.

4) I'm not sure what you mean by this. All meshes are inherently made of triangles, and the tyCarve modifier doesn't specifically triangulate any existing quads, beyond what is necessary. Perhaps you mean that carves should only generate quads? Unfortunately not possible. But you can use your retopo tool of choice to convert the mesh back to quads after.

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