Motion Blur for TyMesher?
Hi Tyson,
is there any chance to get motion blur for tyMesher in the near future? Like with the VRayMetaball.
That would be great.

I know I could use TyFlow with VRayMetaball. But the shape doesn't look great as there is no Voxel filtering in VRayMetaball.
The main problem with giving tyMesher native motion blur support, is that it has to happen at a baseObject as soon as you add modifiers on top (a very common thing to do with tyMeshers), all my hard work to get moblur working will go out the window because renderers query the evaluated (collapsed) object, not the baseObject. So I really see no point in putting in the effort to add it directly.

Really it's the renderers that need to all support a common Mesh velocity channel to store moblur vectors, which would survive the stack. 3dsmax 2020 implemented a channel like that, but I don't know how many renderers have adopted it yet.

However, there is a workaround currently that will allow you to get moblur on tyMesher blobmeshes. It's somewhat annoying to do but it should give you the result you want.

1) In your source tyFlow, use a Custom Properties operator to store your particle velocity to a custom data channel (in continuous mode).
2) Use a Mapping operator in continuous mode to save that channel data to map channel 20.
3) Create your tyMesher blobmesh (enable "inherit UVWs")...then add whatever modifiers you want, etc.
4) Create a new empty tyFlow.
4) Add an Export Particles operator to the empty flow and add the tyMesher to the additional geometry rollout, then cache it.
5) Render that cache with VRay.

tyCache and tyFlow send VRay deformation blur data through map channel 20, so by baking it into your blobmesh and rendering a cache of it, you can send the data to VRay. Alternatively you could assign those velocity vectors to any map channel you like, render a pass with Vertex Colors enabled, and then use that pass to add the blur in post.

The next build has a "mapping from velocity" setting in the Mapping operator, so you can skip the Custom Properties step.
Thanks for the workaround. I will try it.

But in all my scenes where I need Blobmeshes I did not put any modifiers on top of it as the TyMesher offers enough properties for me.
So if it's not too complicated it would be nice if you could implement motion blur anyhow.
or add “TYmotion blur” modifier to Put on top of stack?
That's not possible because when objects are evaluated by a renderer they are collapsed, so any modifier-specific info like that is lost.

It is something renderers will have to support on their own. Until then there is the workaround I posted above.
When you need a particle mesher that supports motion blur you can use Thinkbox Frost or VRayMetaballs, maybe some others. Both are compatible with tyFlow or tyCache.
Frost even supports Modifiers with motionblur.

See pictures attached.

That's actually a good point...I forgot about how Frost does it, which is indeed an alternative method of generating moblur that will survive modifiers. If I remember correctly they basically manually smear meshes along velocity intervals at subframes, rather than passing those vectors to the renderer. I should look more into that.
Hi! I just wanted to ask if there are some news to this topic?

One question about the workaround you described above:
I have a Tyflow with many events so where do I have to put those 2 operators (custom propertis and mapping) in continuous mode? after every shape node?
If you have a very complex flow, you could consider creating a secondary flow that merely imports the first flow (using Birth Flow and Flow Update) and putting the moblur-related events in that one. That would simplify the process.

Tube: no my efforts have been focused elsewhere for the time being and I haven't re-looked at this issue.
(07-14-2020, 08:23 AM)tyFlow Wrote: Tube: no my efforts have been focused elsewhere for the time being and I haven't re-looked at this issue.

Thanks for reply!  Smile   No stress.

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