Support of viewport clipping in tyPreview
Sometimes I have issues with flickering objects in viewport like in this video:
When it happens I'm using this viewport clipping trick and everything goes fine. Anyway there is no viewport clipping option in tyPreview. 
Is it possible to add it?
If you shoot from a camera you can also use camera clipping to fix that z-fighting issue.
There's no viewport clipping support because unfortunately (to my understanding and testing) if you enable viewport clipping overrides you cannot simultaneously disable the ugly viewport clipping controls (the yellow line/arrows). So instead of "how can I enable/disable viewport clipping" I'd be getting asked "how do I disable the viewport clipping gizmos".

Since I'd rather not support a feature, than offer support for a broken/problematic feature, I'd least for now...if you need viewport clipping overrides in your preview you'll have to stick with the legacy previewer.

Or you can do as TubeSmokeGuy recommended and preview from a camera instead of a viewport. You can set clipping planes in a camera without a giant viewport gizmo being present.

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