Particle position of "Path Follow"

1: Hope that the particles can be output to the next event when they reach the end of the path.
2: I hope the particles can be adjusted in the state of the static frame (without animation time, in the static frame), the percentage of the position of the particles on the path can be adjusted. That is to say, the particles do not need to change their position with time. It is in a certain position in the path.
For example, I have a shot that only needs to see the particles move from the center of the path to the end point. In this case, I do n’t need to start many frames in advance. When the amount of particles is particularly large, I do n’t waste memory and resources.
  Thank you!
1) Use the Surface Test in mode "distance (first vertex)" or "distance (last vertex" to test how far particles are away from the start or end of the spline.

2) I don't understand what you're asking for.
As shown in the figure: from the path A to the point B, it takes a certain time to reach. I hope that the particles move from A to B. This process is not needed. It is directly reached.
Simply put, it is hoped that the particles can be distributed to the position of the path within the time of one frame.

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