Physics from animation problem

Let say we've got scene with jet fighter flying around, and after some time we would like to disable animation and apply physics while keeping all momentum and inertia. In massFx there is an option to toggle kinematic on/off during an animation, but I have no idea how to setup this with tyFlow.

I did setup with tyActor which works partially for the movement, but not the rotation. Take a look at the clip below - there are 3 planes.

Green is original animation for tyActor, gray is baked one with tyFlow, and yellow is massFX (vanilla) baked animation. Both gray and yellow starts "falling" (simulating) at frame 57. Yellow keeps spinning (which is correct), but gray one doesn't.

I tried adding spin modifier with inherit previous, but it doesn't help.

Thanks for help!

(max scene as attachment)

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If anyone is interested - I got reply from Tyson Ibele on facebook.

"Angular momentum when converting from actor animation isn't preserved at the moment."

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