Object has different rotation in TyFlow
Hello, I have a strange issue: 

I have loaded an fragmented Object (which is already from fractured pieces) into TyFlow,
but some parts appear not in right orientation/position.
- How is that possible and how to solve?

- I also searched for an operator to manually correct the Tyflow position, but I did not find.
(Rotation and object position seems not usable for this).
Or is there something for simple transformations, which allow to set the pivot as well?

Thanks for help
Can you post an image or the file so I can get an idea of what you're referring to?
I have send you an email, also with a more detailed description in the email.
There came in further test a second really critical issue up, that main parts of geometry even don't show up in the birth flow node.

Would be great to know, if it is possible to solve in tyflow...

Many thanks.
Many thanks, "Reset XForm" solved the Import!
Now I have set everything up and the geometry is jumping a bit, as soon as I enable PhysiX Shape (Convex Hull).

When I put PhysX Switch on kinematic, it's jumping back on its original position.
When I set the "hulls" on "Geometry" it keeps it's position, too, but it is not falling down then of course (because not dynamic).
- I also activated "Ignore start penetrations".
- All parts keep together, either in the offset position (when "dynamic") or all the other in their orgininal position when set "kinematic".
(So it seems not an issue of geometry intersections.)

Picture here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/9qc1pehp12ppl8...g.jpg?dl=0

What could be the way to solve this here?
I did now a workaround with making both object parts dynamic for just the first frame (in order that they have same behaviour)
and then at the second frame stopping the parts, which should actually not move.

In case there is a more "professional" solution, please let me know.


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