Spawn custom vector position
hey tyson
I was working on snake movement and everytime snake eats apple, its size increase - basically it spawn particles, but it didnot spawn at the desired position, I had to move particles to desired position which sometimes created some wierdness unless i increase the integration to something like 1/8 or 1/16...
So I was wondering is it possible to have Custom Vector Position option in Position rollout of spawn operator....

One more thing - can we have max particle count in custom float parameter (it can be done with script operator) but i guess can be a good addition for boolean operation

Thank you
Nayan Bodawala
If you need them to go to a specific location defined by a custom vector, just use a Custom Properties operator. Although you'll have to post more info about why they're not going to the location you want. Maybe a screenshot or something explaining the problem.

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