scattering TYC
Hi there, not sure doing this right:

I created a very detailed spaceship using tyflow. I exported it as TYCache and is fairly light 100MB  but  as mesh is around 4GB.

I need to scatter this object like 5000 times o more in another scene. I was expecting that I could load the TYCache with its instance and then scatter keeping that instances.
I could scatter the TYC but I need to deactivate the "instances" in the render rollout in the TYCache for the new TYFlow render it properly and this looks like is making the RAM to load that 4GB as for render.

Is there a way to do this without needing to have the Original TYflow in everyscene?

I need instancing of instanced objects that comes with TYCache keeping all as instances all the time.
Can this be done at the moment?

Thank You.

Ignoring the instances issue that maybe is impossible to solve... Next problem I found is:
I could load the TYCaches both with Collection or by Shape... but when I export that flow that contain the new TYCaches won't show anything.
I could render it using the flow, but once exported a new TYCache the spaceships are gone.
Should I be using TYcache at all? or should i shift to ABC for this? VrayMesh takes an eternity to export.

Thank You.
Ok I just forgot that the that Birth Flow can load the TYCache, Awesome.

Thank You!

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