Element Attach wont pass anything if there is 1 particle in the event.ly.
Hi there, 

I was building a setup for my team, and although there was at the moment just one particle in that event I wanted to leave the Element Attach set up just in case that it increases later.
The problems is that looks like is not working if there is only 1 particle, so no Attach is performed but also won't send that particle out.

Is not an issue or anything, I could use the traditional SendOut and thats it, is there a reason why the Element Attach needs more than 1 to work?  for this time felt it would work better if would just pass the particle anyways.

Thank You.
The reason is because in certain setups you may want to filter particles that were modified by the attach operation, so if the Element Attach operator sent out all particles in the operator, you wouldn't be able to perform that filtering.

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