how to pin uvw on a tymesher
Hello all,
forgive me in advance for all my noob question on this forum!

This time i try cutting softbody things with  tyslice and and with tymesher. (i can post if someone interesting) i have lot of question about this subject.

I try to add bump to my mesh but box uvw don't follow the animate mesh... and moreover uvw don't follow the deformation of the mesh.

I put an exemple i find on insta.  @mapadenormales  of what i try to do with no sucess....
i begin to find a solution tonight....uvw are pin to the tymesher with the tyfreeze uv....good point Big Grin
for the moment i don't find why uv have lot of distortion and a sort of noise inside ...bad point Confused 

i join simple scene test and this capture to explain my problem


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