tyMesher and Cloth
Hello tyson and everyone,

i would like to do some secondary spawns on the surface of a simulated cloth. My approach was to Mesh my Cloth and then use the tymesher surface for my secondary spawns.

But tymesher, in "input geometry" mode, doesnt seem to mesh the cloth. Is this intended? 
so in case meshing the cloth is not yet possible, what would be the best approach?

for example think of a carpet with strings facing outwards from the outer edges/border.
Now i have the main carpet simulated; how can i sample and bind my selected edge particles to their parents? 

i tried with spawn and particle bind but i couldnt make my spawned siblings follow the cloth. 
I feel the cloth solver/rig_particles behave a little different? 

help very much appreciated <3 
maybe my carpet with strings example also makes for a good example scene Smile)

i tried again with birth flow and flow update and it works just fine.
But this solution is not good with larger particle counts; im only dealing with 1 cloth right now.
So any suggestions for more efficient solution appreciated )
Ive been having the same issue with meshing a cloth too. It seems like a bug

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