Couple issues with VDBs

I started messing around with the vdb options and they are pretty interesting, however i came across some issues.

I tried to load a fumefx vdb using the vdb birth but i came across this bug. If you select the "voxel size from file" flag or if you manually set the size to the same as your voxel sim, the vdb display will be rotated 90 degrees and offset. If you set it to any other value it will be aligned correctly. Even a difference as small as .01 in the voxel size and it will work correctly. Its only when the voxel size is exact that it breaks.

Another thing i noticed with the vdb display when displaying density is the display wont update when you scrub backwards on the timeline. It only updates if you go forward. You need to disable and re-enable the flow for it to update going backwards.

Thanks for this feature, i will keep playing around. Big Grin

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