Rain system
Hi all.

I thought this should be very simple, but I can't make materials work.

A rain particle falls through the air, hits the ground, makes a splash, falls to a stop.

When it hits the ground I use a plane with a splatter texture, when it splashes I use a water-like material, when they hit the ground I use another splatter texture. But I just can't make any material or texture work, They're all just yellow. And I don't even like yellow Smile

I've tried setting up materials in the Instance Material of the shape operator, and using the Instance Material operator in the different events. But nothing works.

I use 3ds 2021, Arnold 4.04.36 and tyflow 0.16098

Flowchart and testrender attached, any help much appreciated.

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Well, I figured it out - applied a multi/sub object material to the TyFlow icon, and then got what I wanted by overriding material ID in the different events.

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