Show edges only of fractures, but not of mesh edges (edged faces mode)

when using fracturing for meshes, then the wireframes of the mesh itself are always disturbing - especially with dense meshes.
But unfortunately we can see tyflow's fracturing edges only when "display edged faces" is enabled.

It should be possible, to show the tyflow particle intersections (fractures) on meshes, without having to see the original edges of the mesh itself.

The original edges have no useful information and just make it lot harder to see the fractures.

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They do have useful information. Visible edges act as polygon boundaries in max. Hiding them creates potential problems for any modifier that operates on polygons.
Thanks for reply. So it could be just an additional option, like you can toggle different view modes for different purposes.
Imagine that wireframe you do not have edged faces mode, but you can toggle still on/off the the fracturing lines.
This way you get all options.
Wireframe and fracturing are two different things, so it would make sense to make this visibly clear. In dense mesh parts the fracturing edges are often hard to see.

Or alternative idea:
To give fracturing lines other display options, like different customizable color and optional thicker edge.
So they can be easier distinguished from wireframe.

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