Tyflow brokes Manage Scene States
There is an issue in couple of 3dsmax versions that I have installed (2016, 2018). Tools > Manage Scene States doesn't work (window doesn't open). 
I know that there are a lot of solutions for this ancient bug, but I'm writing here for a reason.

Max 2016 - none of solutions work here, even deleting ENU folder completely. But one solution worked - deleting tyFlow_2016.dlo from plugins.
Max 2018 - some solutions do work, as well as deleting tyFlow_2018.dlo like in 2016.
Max 2020 - there is no bug in this version, tyFlow_2020.dlo is installed here.

So my question is - can tyflow.dlo somehow cause this 3dsmax bug in some old versions or it's just a coincidence?
Seems like something to bring up to the Autodesk devs. tyFlow doesn't interact with any scene states code directly.

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