Add assembly or .cs file reference in TF scriptOp
Hi Tyson,

I’m still looking for a solution to this problem...It would be great if we could add external references (cs or dll) at compile time using a specific location like Unity or with a specific syntax like //css_reference in CS-Script...
For now I’m using reflection.
Is it doable already or, if not the case and not too complicated, could you consider implementing such an option?

Have you tried Assembly.Load?
Yes it works with Assembly.Load, that’s what I m doing for now (reflection+delegates) but it’s less convenient and slower than direct executing code from the script operator with “using” directives + compiler refs as we can do with Max.dlls.
BTW something else that would be very handy in the script editor, a function to fold all levels of the code in one shot!
Maybe there’s  a secret shortcut already...
Hmm, I guess adding a place to enter pre-loadable libraries would be handy. I'll put it on the roadmap.
Great! This would open a lot of possibilities!
And just in case you have the time...Regarding a “fold all levels” option, it could be alt+0 like in Notepad ++
Thanks Tyson!

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