Path follow operator: Animated velocity issue

I made a qiuck test scene for better showing the bug (if it is one). I attached it here.

I want a particle follow a spline while beeing 100% sticky to the spline. So I turned on min and max distance as "distance-to-shape"-option and set both to 0.0 .
In the next step I want to apply a smooth accelleration to the partice. So I animated its velocity from 0 to 1.
But when I do that, the particles motion seems to be jerky. Mostly at start it seems that the particle stands still for a short time and then it instantly makes a big jump instead of a clean accelleration.

As a reference I cloned the system and set the distance-to-shape parameter to "dynamic" instead of "min/max".
In this case the accelleration of the particle seems to be clean.
But later in the curve of the spline path the particle moves away from its path. So I added some attraction force to keep the particle on the track. But I think its hard to balance attraction against velocity. Too less attraction leads to frequent deviations of the particle realted to the path. Too much attraction leads to a constant wobble along the particles motionpath.

What i think is the bug, is that the particle with distance-to-shape parameter set to "min/max = 0.0/0.0" and zero attraction doesn't accellerate in a clean manner with animated velocity.

What i also tried is to leave the velocity constant at 1 and animate the accelleration parameter from 0 to 100 percent. But the result is the same.

Thanks in advance!

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