Export particles output objects sahpe
Hi Tyson,
I found an interesting problem in my work.
When using export particles to output objects with shape, if delete is used and scale to zero is enabled, the scale of shape will become 0 in the number of delete frames.

But in this case, rendering will get a wrong motion blur. (because the calculation method of motion blur is to extract the next frame, but the scale of the next frame is 0. So when rendering, we can see the object moving towards the center.)

Whether you can add an option associated with visibility. When delete, the visibility of shape is equal to 0
This will solve this problem very well, otherwise rendering the motion blur will need to adjust the visibility attribute after output.

My English is poor

Why not just delete the particle, and not scale to zero?
Delete the particles directly without scaling to zero, so that the output object will always exist. I want the object to disappear with the particle deletion.

Thank you for your reply
Oh I see, I misunderstood your original post and didn't realize you were exporting particles as objects.

After exporting, just set the scale key tangents to 'stepped' mode in the graph editor. That way you won't get any moblur interpolations as they scale to zero. If you have too many objects to do it manually, the same thing could be achieved with a MAXScript. Currently there's no way to set to stepped mode with tyFlow directly.
Thank you for the answer

What I want is whether new attributes can be added. Particle deletion is associated with visibility. Like thinking particle.

In rigid body calculation, it is often used to delete redundant objects. Sometimes it is difficult to find out where the output objects are

Tyflow is really good for making rigid body calculations. Thank you for making such a plug-in.

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