SplinePath operator extension: Splines from particle shapes

I think it would be great if we could create tySplines from particles shape geometry using the SplinePath operator. I thought about 3 modes:

1. Toon mode: FaceAngle-To-Camera dependend, like the VRayToon-Environment-Effect does it.

2. Auto-Edge mode: Object based Face-To-Face angle dependend like the Auto-Edge function of 3dsmax' Editable Mesh (Edges Sublevel).

3. Wireframe: Simply the full wireframe of the shape geometry with the option to ignore hidden edges.

Hope you like that idea! Thanks Big Grin!
Oh a 4th mode came into my mind.

4. Section: Based on the position and orientation a planar deflector, tyFlow will generate section shapes where the particles intersect with the deflector plane. Similar to the 3dsmax standard section shape, but time-interactive, dynamic and renderable without the need of collapsing or extracting the splines at a static state.
To be honest I'm not really sure what you're asking for here...things like toon mode and wireframe mode, etc seem like shading issues. Not sure how they related to the spline modifier. Maybe if you posted a screenshot of what you're referring to?
I simply ask for generating shapes in the mentioned ways by the splinepath operator. Shure, that can be acieved by shaders, but having real 3D objects (splines in this case) is often much better cause you can use them for further work and operations.

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