TySplineMesher slow in max2021
I noticed that in max 2021 the tySplineMesher doesn't work like in max 2020 it does not update the UI when draging the curve or adjust beziers.

Is just me or?

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.mp4   capture_2020_07_12_23_29_10.mp4 (Size: 1.52 MB / Downloads: 20)
Seems to work fine on a simple test I did over here...can you post the scene file?
mmmmmm misteries... I was working in a scene with it.. and was slow.
So to know if it was that scene dependant I opened a new Max and tried there, and that's when I recorded the clip.
But now .. after restarting my pc... works fine.

So don't get bother by It... looks like a random issue. I'll keep an eye anyways.

Thank You and sorry!

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