Particles not displaying while playing
I wonder why my particles often were invisible, while playing (animating).

When I stop the animation they become immediately visible. When I have simple scenes that issue doesn't occure

Is there a preset or preference?
I have of course not "real-time" playback enabled.
(3ds Max 2020 and 2021)

Thanks for help
Did you accidentally enable the "play selection" button option in 3dsmax? (The play button will have a square around it, if this is enabled)

Are you using Nitrous display drivers in the viewport?

If you still see the issue, please post the scene file.
thanks, it was a good hint to the solution. I changed the viewport settings like the screenshot.
It should not "degrade" which means only showing bounding boxes.
Maintain frames per second needs to be as low as possible (in slow animation the frame rate goes low and then this seems to be the threshold, when degrading will be activated)

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