Particle skin won't working
I created a metal bending simulation, and when i applied ty particle skin modifier to the cloned mesh. It won't show any updates.

Thank you
For me tyParticleSkin is working fine.

Please check the following:
- Have you picked the right flow?
- Have you set a proper ref frame?
- I don't know your flow setup. But you should have a look if you have events where particles are in which you don't want that they affect your skinning and exclude them from skinning properly by using particle groups (set them up in the flow and then pick them in the modifier).
- Yes i picked the right flow.
- There is only one object in the flow setup, everything has done in a single event, not a much complex setup.

I used ty particle skin many times, and it works fine. But don't know what is happening with this file. May be its a simple bug of max or tyflow.

Thank you

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