Making a 3d voronoi skeleton with vdbs
Hey everyone,

I am currently trying to make a voronoi skeleton, similar to the ones in these pictures.

I am having trouble getting that lattice structured sort of look. I am starting with a cube, fracturing it with voronoi, then importing the fractured pieces as a sdf to be subtracted from another sdf cube. Obviously the edges of the fracture are very straight so i have been experimenting with various filtering to try and smooth it out. I also tried smoothing the voronoi shapes first before they were subtracted, which gets me closer but its still not quite there. Another possibility would be using a noise material to stamp in density values based on the  grey scale values. I didnt see any way to do this, is it possible?

The main issue i am having is these large thin mesh walls connecting various segments together instead of thin tendril structures. Has anyone made this sort of effect before? If so do you have any tips you could offer that might help?

Thanks! Smile
I am not sure if I get the problem.

Will something like this work?

Attaching you flow.

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Yeah that's getting much closer but im trying to go for the more organic/melted look like in those pictures. I imported your mesh as a vdb and tested various smoothing options but it doesn't quite get me the look im going for. Everything is still very straight and hard edged, whereas im trying to get the more cellular look.

I originally attempted a more subtractive approach by having the voronoi chunks carve out holes in a cube. This way i could heavily smooth the chunks before the carve. I would also like to keep the shape of the cube and simply cut holes inside it. If there is another way to round everything out that would be awesome, any ideas?

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