How to bind particles completely solid together like one piece?
I'm trying to let some voronoi parts build one solid mesh part (which still should collide with speed but not break, nor wobble).

I tried PhysX Bind (rigid glue/joint), but it still is shaking, with already extreme values for spring and damping, but it is never completely solid
(particle bind did not work at all, maybe because it's geometry)

It helps to have a very small "time step" like 1/8 (which is slowly then). If there is a better solution, I am happy to hear...
What are you trying to do exactly. Is this for an object that collides with another object and breaks apart on collision? If so perhaps you could use a switch to disable physics until it collides. You could also looking into adjusting the physics steps in the tyflow object.
Hi thanks,
I have a statue breaking into parts, but I want some falling parts (which I sent into own events) to keep as a whole (as if they were not broken at all).
Watching some tutorials I found out, that "glue" should have the highest stiffness.
Furthermore enabling "selfcollision" could help as well.
I will test it next time...

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