tySplineMesher Taper by lenght relative to value

Can you please add a mode for "taper by length", that doesn't depend on the individual total lenght of each spline?

Simple example:
When I have 2 splines with different length' - let's say the first one is 1 meter and the second one 2 meters.
Currently the taper evaluates its full effect to the radius over the total lenght of each indiviual spline.
So spline 1 reaches its full taper after 1 meter and spline 2 after 2 meters.
But I want that the taper evaluates constant per lenghts so that for every spline after 1 meter the same radius is reached.
Independet of the individual total lenght of each spline.

I hope it's clear what I mean Big Grin.

Greetings! Smile
I can make a note about that in the roadmap, sure.
Thank you! Very nice! Smile

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