How to give a Mat ID own display color? (to check)
Just wondering about how to do a "simple" task:
I have applied a SHELL modifier and gave to different Mat-ID's to the inner faces, outr faces and edge faces.

Now I would like to display during simulation the inner faces with a different color.

A property test gives me the ability to send them out, which I actually don't want, they have stay in the same event to simulate properly.

Vertex Color or Mapping also seems not right. Is there a knwon way to do this?
You should be able to make a basic MultiSub material with, for example, 3 simple materials with just diffuse colours.
Apply it to the tyflow object.
It should then show up in the viewport

(I take it you mean you're using the Shell Operator within the flow - not the 3dsMax modifer)

Image attached

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