Saving flow presets

Is there any way to save your flow setup as a preset that you can load for use in other max scenes? I think that would be really useful for various things.

Simplest way is to just select the flow and choose File->Save Selected.

That file can then be treated as a preset which can be merged into other scenes. Flows have no hidden dependencies so the tyFlow object (and any objects it references) are all you'll need to merge in.
Yeah that would work, it would be nice to be able to do all that within the tyflow window though. You could have a save option in the preset flows window, where you choose obj/icon/physx etc flows. You could also put a load option in there as well so its all in the same place. I use a similar feature with krakatoa magma to quickly swap out various setups.

Its a minor suggestion really, more of a convenience/quality of life change. Smile

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