Support for spacewarps

Can we please have support for 3dsmax built-in spacewarps?

So maybe that they are pickable in force operator or by a "spacewarp operator" and particles which are moving through it will deform in multiple/different ways/steps:

1. Shape deform: Deforms just the particles shapes
2. Position deform: The spacewarps just affect the position of the particles without affecting the velocities
3. Velocity deform: Position changes applied to the particles via the spacewarps will be added or subtracted to the particles velocities and directions

These three options should be stackable and/or individually selectable (except for velocity deform - that allways requires postition deform to be active).

If there is allready a way to apply spacewarps to particles please don't hit me ... then I just missed it and would be happy if you can tell me how to do it.

Thank you Smile!

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