Slave Rotation by Script
im trying to do a simple Rotation Transfer using script operator.
I have a Dummy in the Scene with animated Rotation and id like to Transfer the Rotation to my Particle. 
I see in the Documentation that SetRot only work with Quaternion Values. 
Is there an easy way to translate the quaternion to an euler angle (i think thats what its called? 0-360 degree i mean).

So im basically looking for Resources to understand how this translation works. 
A simple script example on how to transfer a Dummy Rotation to a Particle would be very helpful!

Thanks in Advance!
I'm not exactly sure what you're trying to accomplish, but why not simply copy the full object transform to the particle and then revert the position afterwards?

Something like:

var origPos = tf.GetPos(sInx);
tf.SetTM(sInx, obj001.GetTM());
tf.SetPos(sInx, origPos);

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