Morphing between animated PRT loaders
What is the best method to morph back and forth between two animated PRT loaders?

I am using the set target/find target approach, but am having some issues with the Source Birth PRT birthing new particles every frame. Putting a Delete operator in the event obviously doesn't work, since it kills the morphing particles..

So, how do I separate the particles that are morphing to my target Birth PRT?

Or, are there any alternative ways to accomplish this?
This is very setup-specific and not something a generalized answer can be given for.

If your source/target systems have the same number of particles, you can just offset the target ID by however many particles are in each system and then use Move to Target...but if you have different/changing particle counts then there's no straight-forward solution.
Thanks Tyson - It's back to that issue again with Kinect particles not having ID's and being generally chaotic in terms of pcount.. I'll try meshing instead Smile
Okay, so I got the morph working now - But how do I have the particles acquire/morph into the color of my target PRT loader? I've tried putting the mapping operator in the target event, but it doesn't seem to do much..

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