Clusters - more options.
Would it be possible to create some more sub-option on cluster operator, so we can choose more then these 3 options? 

Right now, we have voronoi "selection", which is nice, but for a very dense amount of particles... not really interesting... it looks.. very voronoish Big Grin
We have noise, and it's great, but waaay to randomly and organic. 
Something in between perhaps? 

This might be an stupid image, but shows approximately what I want.

I tried, but couldn't do something like this with noise. 

Or maybe somehow using (instanced) map procedurals for clusters? 
(I know they are usually just 2 colors.. but still...)
If you have a very specific look you want, you can just use a texmap and a Mapping operator to assign values to a custom properties channel of your choosing. For example, you could assign values of the red channel of your map to the custom properties channel and use that as your cluster channel.

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