Cloth tearing driven by particles
I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction -I'm wanting to create a blood vessel bursting. 

So I have a tyflow icon shooting blood cells in a vein which has been compressed, the idea is to show the vessels backing up and eventually rupturing the vein.  

I have  set up a basic flow and physx collision mesh for my vein walls, and added a cloth bind to the surface -  how can I use those blood cell particles to drive a cloth expansion and then tearing  as the blood cells back up and the pressure builds on the vein walls

The only way I've managed to 'fake' it is by animating a sphere inside my cloth surface (vein), scaling up the sphere to tear the vein walls ..then exporting that as an alembic mesh, then reimporting and adding in my blood cells in a new scene. But obviously, this is a hack. Is there a way to have this in the one system  /scene? 


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