Animated texture to match particle age
Hi all,

I know this has been discussed previously, but the answers were a bit dumbfounding.

It should be simple, but it just doesn't seem to work...

How can I get an animated texture (either *.mov or *.jpeg sequence) on a plane generated from TyFlow to match the age of the particle?

I'm using Corona, but tested also with Vray. I tried turning on real-world scale, adding UVW map, ticking 'sync frames to particle age' in the bitmap texture settings. I tried everything... Max 2020, Tyflow v0.16092

What am I missing? Thanks Smile
You have to use a tyBitmap instead of a Bitmap, then assign the desired age value of your particles to the UVW channel of your choosing, using a Custom Properties operator to store the age value to a float channel, and a Mapping operator to transfer the float value to the mapping channel (both set to continuous).

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