Different workflows to create a cloud rich sky
Hi, i am trying to do a sky trough which i want the camera to fly, and im having trouble doing it . I've tried 2 workflows and failed both times. Here they are:

1. Starting from the teapot cloud example scene, i change the object to be a big big box but i cant get the details on it to work .. there are some example scenes in the facebook group which are awesome and cant get them to work . This is for a single big layer of clouds

2. Many scattered clouds - i make a particle system with 100 particles which are 3d geometry of a deformed geoshere - i make a second event with VDB and copy most of the settings from the teapot cloud system but change the generate from object to generate from particles or however it was called. There i tick use particles from the same flow .. and nothing happens. There is a tick also for geometry i try with it and nothing. 

Any help would be much apreciated!

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