TyFlow + Phoenix - decreasing liquid particles
I'am working on a scene where i fill a container with phoenix liquid. In the Phoenix liquid i emit Tyflow particles and with Physx Fluid Tyflow and Phoenix work together. The Tyflow particles are floating to the surface of the Phoenix liquid and blades push them down agian. This is an ongoing proces and works fine except for one thing. 

During the simulation i slowly lose my Phoenix liquid particles, until the moment the container is empty. This only happens when i simulate Phoenix + Tyflow. If i run the simulation without Tyflow the Phoenix liquid particles stay the same amount as by the start.

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Unless I'm misunderstanding the problem, this seems like something to raise with the PhoenixFD devs.
Thanks for your quick reaction, I will give it a try at the Phoenix forum. If they come with a solution i will post it here.

Keep up the good work Tyson!
Reaction from Chaosgroup:


It seems to be working correctly here. I'm using Phoenix FD 4 Nightly Build: 30564, from 29 Jan 2021 and tyFlow v0. 16105 (BETA), from 27 Jan 2021.

Could you tell us which are your exact Phoenix FD and tyFlow versions?

In order to find out the exact Phoenix FD version you can check the About info window: 3ds Max → select your Phoenix FD Simulator node → Simulation rollout → About.

To check the tyFlow version: select the tyFlow node → go to the About rollout.


This was working for me.
So upgrading tyFlow/Phx made it work? Glad to hear Smile
(01-29-2021, 03:13 PM)tyFlow Wrote: So upgrading tyFlow/Phx made it work? Glad to hear Smile

Yes, it works!

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