Quick output creation

When dragging an output port operator, the "Operator List" pops up to facilitate quick connection creation.

When dragging the connection line from the port to the blank area, "pop up a list", which is convenient for quickly selecting an operator to create and establish a connection.

The reason I haven't added that function, is because when you drag from the event output node, there's only a handful of operators that qualify as output operators, so it's easy to select what you want from a list.

But when you drag the output of a regular operator, every single operator (100+) could qualify as a potential input...and showing a listbox with hundreds of operators for users to scroll through to find the one they want is probably less efficient than just letting the user drag that operator in from the depot...

Maybe it could auto-create an empty event to connect to, but it's also worth noting that dragging a connection to an empty space in the grid is a way to cancel creation of a valid connection. So if it kept creating empty events in that spot instead, that could get annoying...

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