Deadline Can't render with tyflow.
Hey, I'm facing a weird problem when i try to render a sequence through deadline, when i try to render local with tyflow or tycache in the scene it works fine but if i try to render through deadling on renderfarm the slaves are stalling and it doesn't render at all but if i manually connect to every single one slave and try to render a frame from the scene it works.
You can simulate a Deadline non-UI render by locally rendering using the max command line tool. Perhaps Deadline is supressing a rogue notification or something that will give you more info about the problem? Deadline and tyFlow render flawlessly together on a lot of farms so this is something specific to your scene or setup.
The error i got "Error: FailRenderException : RenderTask: Unexpected exception (Failed to render the frame." This was on V-Ray gpu 5
The tyFlow VR5 implementation was done by ChaosGroup. I would recommend sending them a stripped down scene file so they can have a look.

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